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Your Loved One Deserve a Dazzling Makeup
Make it Memorable with SimisMakeoverStudio

Simi's Makeover Studio is one of the Best Makeup Artists and Hairstylists Professionals in Chennai

Your Right Choice for Makeup, Hairstyle and Skincare Services

We Help You with Flawless Makeovers on Your Memorable Events

Are You Concerned,

  1. how you will look, or will, your makeup be the absolute best “make heads turn” on your D-Day?
  2. whether you are being applied the right makeup products for your skin?
  3. and feeling skeptical, that the makeup will subdue your rashes, acne, and pores on your final looks?
  4. whether the final makeup will match your dressing to the occasion?
  5. “Is my hairdo good enough and is the Best in trend?”
  6. if it is safe to plan during the COVID times?

Say GOODBYE to your concerns!!!

Yes! Your Concerns are addressed, and further more to above!

Simi’s Makeover Studio is a reputed Organization, Registered Beauty and Wellness Institution, and Professionally Certified Team.

Since past years, our Founder/Director Mrs. Simi Abhijith has addresed several concerns of Makeup and Skincare for all Makeup Aspirants.

Do visit our profile where we have displayed our  portfolio, some of Simi’s Works (that are edited to outline only).

You are welcome to evaluate our Expertise. We have options for a trial makeover after booking. More Queries? Do know about us, and contact us for a detailed virtual one 2 one session.

We do Minimalistic Makeup, HD Makeup and Casual Makeup with Exclusive Hairstyling for all Events.

We are Trained Professionals in Bridal Makeup and Exclusive Pre-bridal Skincare services.

We ensure Your Final Makeup Looks are Stunning and  matching the relevant dress to occasion.

We undertake all services like Hairstyling, Saree Draping and Product Consultation.

We are Certified in Advanced Hairstyling and Skincare. We do multiple hairstyling techniques.

Wedding Makeup and Reception Makeup deserves Exclusive Hairstyling attention, and we are proud to say that all our Customers, till date are proud of us for all projects.

Please check our reviews by esteemed clients in Google.

Our Services are completely overseen by Mrs. Simi Abhijith (Certified Professional) herself, unlike other companies. We do not send “staff only” to attend your favorite occassions.

Certified to the Beauty and Wellness COVID Norms since 2020, we comply with all particulars laid by the Local Regulations.

Temperature Checks for Staffs & Client, Sanitization of Makeup Studio, and Makeup Products are Mandated Daily, and between each assignments.

Safety is our Utmost Priority!

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And Be Beautiful, Truly Graceful, and Stunning - UNMATCHED

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Our Recent Story

Makeup as simple as it may sound is truly, that is to say, science by itself.

This happened during Jan 2021 this year, when one of my staff’s friends, Ms. Jasmine, came to us with a concern. She had been to a couple of Makeup Artist before, but she couldn’t find a clear solution, her makeup turns cakey most often.

We gave her the right recommendations on makeup and skincare products that are suitable for her skin. And Vola! Her joy had no bounds when it went well. She was astonished by her beautiful looks and the makeup showed no signs of a cakey appearance, even after many hours on it.

She had a severe Oily skin type. We did a trial to satisfy our expertise, with the right skincare and product application. A Happy Customer – 100% Satisfied.

Why Do Women Wear Makeup?

There is a general misconception, about why women wear makeup. They are definitely not insecure, nor they prefer to hide their natural beauty.

A good reason I think, “Enhance Beauty” and “Self Esteem”? or put it this way “Feeling comfortable in her skin and it no business of yours!!”

Cosmetics in a general sense as per me though is to cover imperfections like pimples, redness, and pores. Walking around with imperfections may be apt for some like … be natural, but many would prefer cosmetics to cover them and bring confidence – defining beauty.

"That’s one of the things I love about makeup. You can change your whole attitude by just doing your eyeliner or lipstick differently"

Makeup has been there since before Egyptian Queen Cleopatra’s Rainbow cosmetics. Makeup and Beauty have been there for centuries.

Standards of Beauty Have Changed a Lot! Many makeup trends are visibly seen in social blogs and youtube channels by young teens.

Simi’s Makeover Studio is a team of professional Makeup Artists with advanced Hairstyling and Skincare specializations. We bring confidence in you by “Bringing Out Your Absolute Beauty” through makeup. We create artistic flawless looks for your D-Days “the one and only memorable moment”.

A photograph of the moment with our makeovers and skincare recommendations will cherish your memories for a lifetime

Count on Us!

Or Call +919345106165
for any Queries

And Be Beautiful, Truly Graceful, and Stunning - UNMATCHED

Satisfied Customer Testimonials

Makeup is an Asset on Your D-Day

An absolute passion for makeup and skincare has been there for us for the last 14 years.

The service of providing flawless Minimalistic and HD makeovers, with specialized skincare recommendations to have the lovable glowing skin for makeup aspirants on their memorable occasions, really satisfies us to the core.

Giving relief from acne, scars, and pores for a beauty aspirant or our clients, and suggesting natural remedies is a dream come true

Best Makeup Kit, Makeup Products, the best Concealers, Foundation, Cleansers, Makeup Tools, and Makeup Brushes are referred by us

Visit our Blog for more information, there I have shared my opinion on Makeup products and Skincare.

There is an affiliate link, where I recommend some products that I think will benefit you. The products are curated, so hopefully, you’ll like them.

You are welcome to know about our story and visit our portfolios on the below links for our recent artistry and updates

Be Safe… Stay Beautiful…

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