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What kind of services do you offer?

We are committed to offering unique and valuable makeup services. Each service is conducted using high quality cruelty-free, organic and cosmetics. These services range from hour long sessions for weddings and head shots to makeup lessons and consultations. Each service is an experience designed for the conscious human in you, awakening your true beauty.

Do you have compliance to COVID norms?

We are Certificated to Beauty and Wellness Industry (B&WSCC) Council and our teams are Experts and fully vaccinated in adherence to Beauty Industry and Govt. norms.

Where do you offer services?

We have makeup artists and hairstylists stationed in Chennai, IN. Please inquire if you need services in your city.

Do you offer bridal trials?

Yes, Connecting with our clients is very important. We offer an initial 30 minute phone or consultation so we have the opportunity to get to know each other. Once we have met, we will schedule your bridal trial.

Why should I pay for a bridal trial?

Approximately 3 hours of our time goes into your bridal trial. Sometimes this application process is more work than the day of your wedding. A bridal trial includes prep, 1 on 1 time with me (however long we need to achieve your desired look), Post organization: photos, products used and application are all documented not only for my use, but for your benefit (so you can go stock up on your favourite products)

Do you style hair?

Our team is able to provide hair styling services, however We do not cut, colour or rent extensions.

Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes. Gift certificates may be purchased in any denomination, service or package. Please contact me to purchase a gift certificate.

Can you service a large group or bridal party?

Yes, We are more than happy to service a large bridal party with the support of a makeup assistant. We are also able to provide experiences for groups, please contact me with details, and we will be happy to build a group experience with you.

Do you offer discounts and/or extended packages if booking for multiple days/ceremonies/functions?

We will accommodate multi-day events, please contact me with the full details of you event and we will be happy to accommodate you the best we can.

What products are in your kit?

Simi has worked closely with MAC and Lakme which makes up the base of our kits. We have an array of fabulous products that look incredible and are safe for your skin, however, we us an 80/20 rule – there are some products that do not come natural such as waterproof eyeliner and mascara’s.


When is the best time to book my consultation with you?

We would love to meet or chat with you as soon as possible after we first connect, this way we can establish a relationship and ensure we are the right fit for each other.

Wedding trials may be booked anytime prior to your wedding. We recommended that your wedding trial is booked and done approximately 4-8 weeks prior to the wedding date.

What do I need to have ready for a bridal trial session?

Prior to your trial please set you up a mood board, this way we can reference images of your desired makeup look together. You are able to add any photos that put a smile on your face (including dresses, flowers and colors). Everything you add helps us learn more about you.

Please bring important timing details such as hair appointments, ceremony times and location details.

If I am styling your hair, please bring any hair accessories you want to use

How long does a bridal makeup application take?

Please allow approximately 150 minutes for the bride’s makeup application, and 60 minutes for each additional client. Timing can vary slightly depending on the styles and looks being executed that day as requested by each individual client.

What happens if someone wants their makeup done last minute and was not already booked?

This happens on a regular basis. When others notice that there is a makeup artist on location they ditch their own brushes and head over to the makeup station. Depending on time we may be able to accommodate this, but of course the client that booked ahead of time have priority and we will not rush a client to fit in extra faces. Clients will be treated as if there was no one waiting to have a service. If we do have time, all prices will be as listed.

Booking and Securing your Experience

How far in advance should clients book your services?

It’s best to book your experience at least 5 months in advance (for brides), or as soon as possible, especially for those clients with wedding dates in the spring/summer months as they tend to be the busiest and book very fast.

How do I book and secure my wedding date/services? Do you require a deposit fee?

A non-refundable 40% deposit is required to secure your wedding date and experience. This fee will be a portion of the package booked and will be deducted from the total price at the end.

All bookings are confirmed once we have a copy of your signed contract.

Do you have a minimum booking requirement for a wedding?

We cater to every style of the bridal party, including parties of only the bride. Booking charges depend on the timing and location. We charge as a minimum Rs. 2000/-

Do I have the option to book your services even if the date is taken?

Depending on times, location, and a number of people seeking services, we can often accommodate multiple bookings during a date. Please contact me and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Can I cancel my booking/contract?

We require a written notice of cancellation one month prior to the event date. Payments/fees will still apply as outlined in your services contract.

I will be needing services early in the morning, are you able to accommodate this?

We understand that many weddings may be quite early in the morning, so we will start at any time of the day for a client. Services before 7 am will require an additional fee.

Parking and Travel Fees

 Do you travel to the client on the day of the event? If yes, is there a fee?

We offer mobile services for weddings and events. This means we will travel to your house, a salon, or a hotel- wherever you choose to get ready. This ensures you have a relaxing, stress-free time preparing for the day.

Be sure to specify where you will be getting ready. It is also helpful to check what kind of seating/set up will be at the venue (I may need to bring a higher chair or extra lighting).

A travel fee of Rs. 50/km will be applied for locations outside of Chennai. If your booking requires additional assistants, an hourly travel rate will apply for destination events.

Will you travel far for my wedding?

Yes, we are more than happy to travel, though travel fees will apply.

*Travel fees will vary depending on location. Please contact me.

Will you charge for parking?

We have no separate parking facility at present. Parking space is available, no hassles.

Why do you charge for travel?

We are happy and able to be flexible and come to you for your service, however this required 1-1.5 extra hours of work before and after your makeup service. We must sanitize and pack up my supplies and drive to and from the location which may require parking. If you require more information please feel free to contact me.

Can your services be booked for the duration of the wedding and reception for touch-ups? 

We offer services that include full-day touch-ups. We are happy to stay and celebrate your wedding while making sure your makeup is in place and you looking glowing all night long.

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