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Simi’s Makeover Studio – Our Journey

Putting Forward an Intro

My first love, I would say, is my Passion to make Everyone More Beautiful. A Makeup and Fashion freak since my childhood, thanks to my Dad!

Growing up in Chennai is, was, flashy. Don’t know how the wonderful times passed by, so fast.

I do remember, since my childhood, how I loved going to occasions. Not to mention, I have sweet relations all around. And so, on a lot of occasions travelling, almost a 50 times to my native in a year.

Well, that said, I loved travelling. These occasions really entertain me, the surroundings and the atmosphere are the best. I remember It was during 1997, I attended a small wedding event in Adyar, Chennai. One of my relations engaged to an industrialist hired a Makeup Artist. From the beginning of arrangements to the final touch up work, she did a job that truly impressed me. A complete transformation, she was a sizzle after the Makeup.

You could see the joy in Brides’ eyes. Truly wonderful experience. That really impressed me a lot. The makeup I was practicing as newbie, was nowhere near a professionalist. It involved lot of techniques, a science by itself.

From that year on, I made it a point to be a part of the makeover team, for any occasion.

Gradually, over the next few years, I went on to Makeup my relatives and friends for their occassions, as a hobby.

Journey towards…

I pursued my Engineering from Panimalar. Worked in many roles for reputed companies as Technical Specialist, Estimation Engineer, Production Manager, etc. Got married and settled in Madhavaram. We lived abroad for some years during my and hubby’s work tenure. Still practicing my hobby, there too. I loved the different traditions and experiences that Beauty Industry gave me.

My personal life took a major turn, with my hobby as a full-time profession in 2019. We named Simi’s Makeover Studio, just to highlight, a happy service business.

Did an Advanced Makeup Certification with Lakme. My hubby was supportive to pursue my hobby as a profession. I went to multiple expertise certification workshops (psst… see the expert section below), and gained in-depth knowledge in Makeup.

I got an opportunity to get recognized as a successful Makeup Artist, participating in the Asia Largest Fashion Event in Chennai. Online certifications apart, I did masterclass sessions in Makeup & Hairstyling. Though crisis played spoilsport in 2020, I did multiple professional works that with utmost safety precautions, like Wedding Makeup, Hairstyling Sessions & Fashion Makeovers, also utilized time in completing my Advanced in Skincare. Took the extreme step, as I realized in due course of time that, Makeup and Skincare go together in making that perfect and flawless appearance. I am happy that I am able to give recommendations, for both cosmetic and natural remedies, on their concerns specific to their skin.

Further, I excelled Grade “A” in Advanced Makeup and Skincare from Lakme. I have also completed certifications from renowned Makeup Artist Mr. Kennedy Hoffman and many other Beauty and Wellness Industry Experts. Upgrading myself and my knowledge to the best in the world of makeup, skincare and beauty has always been a goal of mine.

Best Makeup Artist and Hairstylist

…is the only recognition by our clients, that we cherish as the greatest joy of our work. We feel it is our responsibility to understand and exceed the needs of our clients. This is the only way we can succeed, and gain their trust. We do not want to be their best choice, we want to be their ONLY choice. The happiness in the face of customers who have been successfully served is the greatest reward for us. Happy to share  our reviews on Google Business Profile.

We look forward to serving you in the future. Contact us for Makeup, Hairstyling and Skincare Services.

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